About Dean Graziosi

I am getting better with posting and promise to keep it up. I just got back yesterday from an 8 day trip to Hawaii – Maui actually where I had the chance to have fun and brainstorm with an amazing group of people. Not just on real estate but on many entrepreneurial topics.

In Maui I spent several days with Joe Polish a really good friend of mine who owns Piranha Marketing. He is a brilliant marketer and if you have a small business you want to take to the next level with unique strategies most of the world does not know, he is your guy. He is holding a super conference in November where I will be speaking at; along with people like Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines and many others. Look him up if you are interested. I also brainstormed with Bill Phillips; author of :Body For Life: and “Eat For Life” and his soon to be released book “Transformation”. Bill hands down is responsible for transforming more lives in the fitness arena then anyone alive. He is the real deal!! Joe Sugarman; who gave us the blue blocker sunglasses, and is probably one, if not the greatest copywriters of all time. Tim Ferris the author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” which is a screaming NY Times Best seller. Cameron Johnson; who is the author of “You Call The Shots” and America’s leading young Entrepreneur. He made his first Million dollars BEFORE graduating high school. Plus some other great thinkers like Dan Kuschell and Gale Kingsbury who runs and organizes all of T. Harv Eckers events.

OK so why am I seemingly dropping names? For no other reason, then to let you know that they are no different from you. Yes, their combined worth is probably well past a Billion dollars and most have huge notoriety. But all they decide to do is take action where most people don’t. All of them had hardships, many were broke at one point, had troubled relationships, annoying friends, pain in the ass family, bad jobs, bad employees and much more. But they focused on what they wanted and went for it.

The group of people I was with, even though they were some of the most successful people in America were just regular great people who went for it and made it big. And with action taken in real estate or anything you have a passion for success on amazing levels is possible for you. I get to see it over and over and it lets me see it is available to us all.

Now I know I had some specific real estate questions from a few students and I will get to them in more detail in a later post. But this post is to let you know in my eyes action speaks much loader then anything else. So I urge you to go for it!!

Ok, real quick – Lisa starting on page 198 in Be A Real Estate Millionaire should tell you most everything you need to know about lease options. Whatever is not there email my office and tell them I said to get you any information you need to help you make a great decision.

Maisha – I am not sure if you have my Think A Little Different real estate course or not – -but if you do there is a video and a complete checklist that breaks down everything you should look for. That alone should give you a ton of confidence and you will learn a lot about the little things that can make or break you. If you don’t have the program I suggest you get it. It’s only $35 and if you want get it – -read that section and if you don’t think the knowledge is worth 10 times what you paid for it return it and I will pay you back twice what you paid. GuaranteedJ You can get it at http://www.thinkalitteldifferent.com

Buddy – finding a mentor is a great thing. Look for someone who has had real estate success and ask if you can do something to help them or pay them to teach you. Knowledge like this is priceless. If you can’t find someone then call my office at 1.800.315.7782 and tell them I told you to call and ask about working with one of our experienced real estate coaches.